Scene Template + Scene Variation

Building your scenes start with creating your first templates. 

A template includes two assets: A Scene Template and a Scene Variation. These Templates and Variations can be used again and again in the future as starting points for all your content needs.

Scene Template

Scene Variation

Here is what a Template defines (And can't change in future scenes)

  • Lighting States (day, night, etc.): This is the most important setting and future scenes using this template have to use existing Lighting States. Fine tuning the light sources, color and strength won't be possible.
  • Overall Structure: Windows, doors, walls, stairs, etc. are fixed and won't change in future scenes that use this template.

New Original Scene from existing Template or Scene Variation

You can create as new Scenes Variations from existing Scene Templates. These can have their own style, flooring, product combination and even be a completely different room, as long as they keep lighting states and overall structure.

Here is an example of a new Scene Variation using the Scene Template above:


With these products (and a style briefing)


Resulted in this new Scene Variation.

Single Product Swap

Single product Swaps (also know as Product Information Page Images) are a type of service where you select an existing Scene Variation and replace one product in the scene in a predictable manner, but keeping all the other aspects of the Scene Template untouched (including props, flooring, structure, moldings, etc.). If you need to create a variation of style, you'll need a new Scene Variation for that purpose. 


Multiple Product Swaps (Scene Variations)

This is the most scalable service Decora has for unique scene development. It works similar as creating New Original Scenes, but instead of having to brief the style of the scene one-by-one, the client only has to define a product list and which Scenes Template should be used as a starting point. Decora's Interior designers will create new Scene Variations using your products and change style accordingly.

Note that the Scene Template type will remain the same. The Scene Template in this example was a bedroom, so all Scene Variations were Bedrooms. This happens for workflow and speed purposes.

Decora will group your products for you and change: 

  • Flooring
  • Wall color/covering
  • Light State
  • Moldings
  • Props/Wallart

Scene Template:


Scene Variations