Product Information Page (PiP) Content

Standard imagery for products create delightful online shopping experiences. Also, it reinforces brand values and demonstrates attention to detail. Thats why so many companies are investing in making their PiP look better. See bellow how it works.

In this job, the studios are the key to success. They will be used for many products, so they gotta look great! Also, they can't be too complex, or many products may not fit or look appropriate. The simpler the better.




step 1: Quote and project info.

First, we need to learn the basic info for your project. That includes:

  • A call to discuss the project.
  • References for the images.
  • Product List.
  • How many Renders.
  • How many studios.

Our team will be glad to help you around in this step.


step 2: briefing for the studio.

Send us references of what you want your final result to be like. You can pick as many products and props to compose the shot.


step 3: preview

Once the structure is chosen, the QL will work on developing a briefing of your scene. A rough cut of how the images will turn out. This is the moment to decide scene layout, cameras and product positioning. 

Its much easier to change things around this moment then when the scene is in production. Changes that are not within this briefing will require a new scene project.

This step takes up to a week.

step 4: previews, feedback rounds and final render.


Depending on how big is the project, you can expect the previews to be delivered within 15 business days.
The preview is where you check if the product modeling is correct and that we followed the briefing.
Our Account Manager will be glad do show you around Decora's Dashboard, where you'll give your feedback.

General rules of the feedback process:

  • Have one main responsible person for the feedback rounds.
  • Maximum of 3 rounds of feedback.
  • Ask all changes necessary in first round. Rounds 2 and 3 are made to make sure the original requests were asked.
  • Expect eventual blurriness, pixelation, flatness and rough lighting. Its a fast preview. The final render will look amazing.


  • Be objective and concise, making a clear point on what needs to be fixed.
  • Stay within scope of original briefing. Thats what was agreed on what the scene was to look like.



  • Do not be unclear about what needs to be fixed.
  • Avoid asking for new products on the scene during production. This majorly delays production.
  • Avoid asking for things in the second round that were not requested on the round before.


Once the scene is approved, the final render is delivered within 5 business days.