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Decora is a community of 3D artists around the globe with access to hundreds of 3D modeling jobs at any time. Pick the job you want, deliver it and get paid - It's that simple.


Work on up to 8 jobs at the same time.
You model it, we render it.


We have a team available 12 hours a day to help you approve your job

3D library

We offer 3D models that are similar to the job you're working on to reuse shapes and textures.



Any 3D software can be used, but the delivery has to be made using 3ds Max '16 or '17 and Vray 3.4 materials.
Decora has a plugin that standardizes all deliveries.

First, say leave us your contact info. Our team will reply today with instructions.

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My name is Rahul Maurya,  I am from India and began my career back in 2013  as a 3D Artist. During four years I worked with two different companies on several modeling projects. Two months ago I found Decora on Facebook. I submitted my show reel and got a chance to work with them. After a few simple steps i was able to pick jobs of my choice from a list of jobs. When I began working with Decora I feared if i would get paid. But  after the first job I came to understand that Decora has very transparent payment policies. Also, I love that they have a very easy process to select and submit your projects and a great  team to clarify doubts - Rahul Maurya

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I publish my work in my portfolio?
Yes, no problem.

How much can a 3D artist make at Decora?
It depends on your productivity! If only two models are approved per day, the average monthly earning is $1000.

Do I need to render the models?
No, the rendering is done by Decora through our plugin.

Should I deliver the modeling and the texture as well?
Yes, the model must be delivered according to the reference, both in modeling and in texture.

How it works

1. Choose one of the available jobs.

Check out the similar models, they greatly optimize the work!

2. Create the template as referenced and deliver it!

3. Receive the payment: Payments are made every fifteen days through your Paypal account!


Still have questions? Watch this video of how to deliver your job at Decora using our plugin!