Be a Decora 3D Artist

Decora is a community of 3D artists around the globe. They have access hundreds of 3D modeling jobs at any time. Pick a job you want to do, deliver it and get paid - It's that simple.


Designer Suport

We have a team prepared to answer your questions and support your creation. 

Easy to work in

Choose, manage  and get paid on an easy-to-use platform, created especially for this purpose.


Work on up to 5 jobs at the same time.
You model it, we render it.

3D Library

We have a giant library of 3D models for you to use as a starting point or reference. At no cost.

Submit your portfolio

Our team will evaluate your work and give you feedback.


How it works

1. Pick a job

There are always dozens of models to do. Choose one that best fits your skills.

You can work up to 5 jobs at the same time


2. Deliver the 3D model

Create the models as accurately as possible. You have three rounds to get it right.

3. Get paid

Payments are made via Paypal every 15 days. You get paid for the jobs you've completed within those days.



3ds Max 2016 or 2017


Vray 3.4


Dropbox account


Paypal account