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Process Overview

Our process is unique because it focuses on making sure all models are standard and future-proof!


1. Import Product Info

To deal with the high volume of products, Decora creates custom bots to automatically import all the information from the products that need to be modeled. That includes: pictures, measurements, descriptions, links etc. 

Our system also determines average price per model depending on the categories of products. Complex and organic products are more expensive then inorganic and simpler models. Pricing is automatic.



2. Production and Quality

Our process is built for high-scale. We can produce hundreds of models daily.  They are developed and automatically standardized by Decora's Validation Script.

This guarantees all models are future-proof and follow industrie's standards of quality and parameters.

Next, our Quality Assurance team validates carefully every model before they reach the customer. Once done, they are ready to deliver.


3. Automatic delivery

Once model is within Decora's standard of quality, it's delivered on the clients dashboard, where all assets are safely stored. We can also supply custom delivery processes (Box, Dropbox, etc) if necessary.

To cater for any model needs extra attention or fixing after production, our local team of 3D artists will be at your disposal.

After the model is done, it can be used for any of the outputs in the next session.


Meet Charlie

Our Quality Assurance Robot

Charlie is a bot that guarantees model quality. It was born out of the necessity to quickly check technical aspects of the models to make sure they followed our set of standards. In not time we realized that checking and fixing each model individually was too slow and expensive. Among other thing, Charlie checks and fixes automatically:

  • Model positioning

  • Naming Conventions

  • Texture Quality

  • File Directory

  • Software Validation

  • Render Automation


3D model outputs

Product Information Imagery

This trend was set by the the high-end furniture commerces and its now a common request for mainstream retailers. Decora creates automated standard studios for your products to bring easy comparability and browsing for you customers. 

With Decora's automation technology, we can create Product Imagery that is consistent across the board: Camera, Lighting, Style, Product Positioning: It all feels seamless and hassle-free.



Augmented Reality Asset

All the models Decora creates can be converted into AR models. We offer integration and SDK services so that the implementation of AR models on your current or future app runs smoothly.


3D model outputs

Product Spin

A combination of 32 rendered in a perfect circle around the product allow for the Product Spin effect. These images are combined together into a single interactive widget that is easily implemented into any platform.


3D Model Outputs

Inspiring Room Scenes

Decora has a specialized team of interior designers to bring your products to life in inspiring scenes. Our proprietary process and software allows for fast, realistic and authentic imagery that is sure to awe your consumers.