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Process Overview

Our process is unique because it focuses on making sure all models are standard and future-proof!


1. We'll 3D Model your products


1. Import Product Info

To deal with the high volume of products, Decora creates custom bots to automatically import all the information from the products that need to be modeled. That includes: pictures, measurements, descriptions, links etc. 


2. Production and Quality

Our process is built for high-scale. We can produce hundreds of models daily.  They are developed and automatically standardized by Decora's Validation Script.


3. Automatic delivery

Once model is within Decora's standard of quality, it's delivered on the clients dashboard, where all assets are safely stored. Now, it's ready to become content.

2. We'll render the images you need.



Contextualized renders of your products. To create these, you'll need Scene Templates that can be bought from our library or done from scratch.

Screenshot 2018-05-02 12.58.01.png

silo shots

Clean shots of your products in white backgrounds. Can include shadows and dimensions .


360 render

24 renders around your product to produce a gif, movie or interactive experience.

Recent templates available for your vignettes:

Screenshot 2018-05-02 12.57.06.png

3. Keep track of everything.

Keep track, approve and request adjustments for all your assets.


Done! That simple.