Working from home made easy for 3D Artists

Decora is a community of 3D artists around the globe with access to hundreds of 3D modeling jobs at any time. Pick the job you want, deliver it and get paid - It's that simple.

All you need is Dropbox, 3ds Max and Vray.

After working for Decora for a while, I now truly believe that its the best place for 3D modelers to get paid for their skills. I thought twice before joining but I encourage people to join it without any second thoughts. Now I feel proud to be a member of Decora community. :)

Netraj, 3D Artist


How it works

Decora selects 3D artists from all over the world to work on 3D models. These models belong to the biggest furniture retailers on earth. They need massive amounts of 3D models. We achieve such scale combining a talented crowd of professionals and state of the art technology. For you, the job is very simple:


select a job to start

New jobs available every day. We try to keep similar jobs together to optimize your work. Pick up to 20 jobs at the same time.



Pay attention to measurements, forms and textures. We offer 3D models that are similar to the job you’re working on to reuse shapes and textures. Don't worry about render, we made it for you.



Our platform generates still images for you compare the results. If you're happy send it to us. Our QA team is available 12 hours a day to help you get approved. 

get paid every 15 days

Here is the best part! Receive for all jobs successfully completed through our platform. Payments are made every fifteen days via Paypal. Easy as that!


All you need to start


You can use any software, but you have to use 3ds Max 2016 or 2017 to deliver. Only use licensed softwares.

Use Vray 3.4 textures and materials. Others are not accepted. Only use licensed softwares.

Dropbox is used to send you important files and for you to deliver your jobs.

All payments are done via Paypal twice per month.

From beginner to advanced

We offer a wide variety of product categories and you have the freedom to choose those ones which best suits your 3D modeling skill. Check it out some 3D models made by our community members.