Good Production Coordinator/Bad Production Coordinator

Good production coordinators are always aware of what's going on in their team and on their projects. They recognize what they don't know and do whatever it takes to change that. Bad production coordinators live in a bubble of busywork and operational tasks that consumes all their time and blinds them from looking at the bigger picture. Good production coordinators are on a constant quest for information gathering. They ask, observe, investigate. They dig into the issues to find their underlying causes.

Bad production coordinators are question solvers, good production coordinators are a question seekers.

Bad production coordinators accept the excuses their team gives them without questioning. When asked for an information they don't have, they try guessing it instead of bringing real knowledge. They generalize rather than specify, they provide random estimates instead of real numbers and concrete examples. Good production coordinators can tell what the top problems are on the spot and continue to be curious, constantly searching for possible issues or where there might be room for process improvement.

Bad production coordinators have theories, good production coordinators have solid data.

Good production coordinators are open with their manager when they don't know something. They are aware of their shortcomings and acknowledge their weaknesses. Bad production coordinators pretend they've got everything under control. They don't express when they're feeling overwhelmed and are afraid to ask for help.

Bad production coordinators always have excuses for under achievement whether theirs or their team's. Good production coordinators understand that their team's performance is a reflection of their leadership, and the results of their work are only as good as the results produced by the people on their team.

Good production coordinators can name the top and bottom performers on their team at any given time. They make sure to praise the ones who are doing well. They are quick to identify when someone is not delivering and to give feedback accordingly. They also know when enough is enough and someone's got to be let go. They have frequent talks with the leaders they manage about each team member and ensure these leaders are held accountable for low performers going unnoticed. Bad production coordinators lose track of their people among day to day operational work to the point where good team members feel demotivated and undervalued because their efforts are overseen just as is the lack of commitment from a colleague.

Bad production coordinators don't take responsibility and complain that things don't work whenever results are below expected. Good production coordinators promote a culture of problem solving and teach their team how to find their way around roadblocks and setbacks. They know that complaining is a dreadful behavior that needs to be cut by its root and prevent the spread of morale-busting attitudes like their jobs depend on it - because after all they do.

Good production coordinators take initiative, bad production coordinators wait around for issues to come to them.

Good production coordinators stay attentive to what is going on around them and foresee small problems that can become huge problems. They don't hold things to themselves, but continuously exchange information between their team and their manager making communication flow better.

Good production coordinators try to solve problems by themselves. Great production coordinators know that there is a fine line between figuring things out on their own and damaging the company's relationship with a client because something got out of hand.

inspired by Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager by Ben Horowitz



Larissa Freiberger
PMO at Decora