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There is never a right time to sell a company. When we started Decora back in 2012, we never thought of making it this far. We were students, asking and begging for failure and often on the verge of going bankrupt. We wanted to learn, have fun, feel alive and make our lives as students less boring.


But then something changed: we realized that it wasn’t all fun and games, but that we could take the pain and suffering of trying to survive with almost no money, begging from FFF’S money, and come out of it by making real money. How?

By embracing suffering in all possible ways. We failed 100 times (and counting), we lost clients, we lost our first idea because almost no one was willing to pay for our services, we went through several different problems that made us lose countless nights of sleep. But this somehow showed us that we needed to keep doing better than before, to keep surviving.

Surviving is the best skill an entrepreneur can have. Resilience. To keep suffering, failing and trying again and again. All of my business partners have this skill. We all do. More than I ever thought possible. And this juice, oh boy, was it worth the squeeze.

In the middle of this craziness of being an entrepreneur - from having tons of money to spend in one month to having none in the other, from arguing with your business partner in the morning but drinking a beer together after few hours -  all of this makes our lives a rollercoaster, from top to bottom, every single day.

I still remember the day that Paulo and I were sitting together at his house with a whiteboard, trying to find any solution from any kind of market. I still remember the day that we found our first business partners and talking about how insane they were to believe in us and in our crazy ideas. I think they still remember that day but think of it as a remarkable moment, not as a mistake (at least I hope!)


Throughout these 6 years, we went from running a 2 person startup to having 150 full-time employees and a community of more than 500 designers working on a daily basis around the world - I’m so happy to see a lot of testimonials of how Decora changed their lives. We aimed for and loved the stealth mode, not only because of our way seeing things but mostly because we were trying to stay focused on what was important.

We grew so fast but always kept ego out of our day-to-day life.  I still remember when we closed our first million dollar contract: we celebrated for a whole 2 minutes with the traditional whisky-into-a-mug and then went back to worrying about how we would deliver the project.

I’m so happy and thankful for all the decisions we made, no regrets at all. Our mistakes kept us improving and our good choices made us who we are now. As we embark on this new journey, we will continue to develop our roles at Decora, but now as a Global Company. There is no more exciting time and no more exciting group of people to make amazing happen than with Decora’s team and Creative Drive’s spirit.

I still need to say thanks to all of my partners. This dream team makes me intrigued to see what comes next. And the possibilities are endless.

This was only possible because it was done by the capable hands and with the amazing creativity of my team. None of this would be possible if they were not there everyday, trying to contribute as much as possible. This accomplishment is theirs and the opportunities for all of them and the people who will join us are countless. I am eternally grateful for each one of you. THANK YOU!!


I started by saying: there is never a right time to sell your company. And that’s right, you never know. But that’s what makes it fun. You get to always enjoy every single moment. And although there is never a right time, I know for a fact I could not have made a better decision in who to sell it to.

Let’s start this new phase with Decora and make amazing happen, one more time…, 3, 2, 1, let’s go!



Notes to my partners:


Paulo, who believed that we could be broke and still have fun, thanks for always been by my side through the worst and the best of it all. Without your resilience and determination to help me create this company, it would not exist. I’m so grateful I invited you to create Decora with me and your resilience and determination made who we are now. Like we always say: More to come, fio!


Daniel, I still don’t know how you ended up accepting to join us in such a difficult moment. I’m going to choose to believe that you somehow thought we were good enough to be worth the shot. All of our products begin and end in your hands. Without your competence we would have been over at that very moment. Thanks for keeping us alive!!


Rodrigo, omg! How a successful man, living the dream in Floripa would accept to invest time and money into two teenagers is beyond me. You are definitely the craziest person to accept this challenge but probably the smartest one at Decora. I have learned more from you than I ever thought possible. Thanks for moving to USA and helping us conquer the world.


Rafael, the master-mind, the man who helped us get our first clients, the man that knows everything about everything. You always made us speechless after our weekly meetings and left us with our optimistic spirits renewed. You kept believing in us, every moment of the way...thanks for always pushing us to do more than we ever imagined possible.



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