Decora App

With a simple and intuitive interface, the Decora App comes to replace the Decora Tools.  

In order to improve your experience with Cora CGI every day, we've applied some surveys and  listened to our partners community. With this, we realized that one of the great problems faced  by you was precisely the time of jobs delivering and the Dropbox synchronization issues. 

So, our developers team has designed an exclusive App thought for you, design partner!   

Created with the modelers' help, we listened to your reviews and suggestions to make the App as functional, practical and dynamic as possible. 


The Decora App will revolutionize the delivery of your Jobs.  


  • Complete integration with Decora platform;
  • Complete integration with 3DS Max;
  • Keeps all the Decora Tools functionalities;
  • No need to sync with Dropbox account or any other plataform;
  • More intuitive;
  • Accelerate the workflow;
  • Faster models upload;
  • Follow the jobs status with no need to access Decora plataform.


Shortcut icon to Decora CGI platform:

  • App configuration options;
  • Makes the window always visible;
  • Allows you to resize and freely place the window.

See your jobs in development in Decora CGI the platform and in the App:


Open the Job from Max:


With the max file selected, the sending options will be available:

opções job_EN_PQ.png

You can follow the jobs' upload status in "uploads" tab:


A message will appear in screen the right bottom, notifying you when the upload has been  completed: 

upload completoEN.png
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