As a company, our main service is the creation of digital content in large scale. That means that the biggest companies in the furniture and decoration industry count on us to create their digital images, to model their 3D products, create shopping experiences, feed their augmented reality apps, create experimental content, develop new experiences for their clients and so much more. 


Our four key elements

 A worldwide network for 3D artists, high-end technology, an exclusive Decora's scene creation tool and a highly qualified team. 

Join us!



Job openings in the US


No openings at this time.
Most of our positions are in Florianópolis, Brazil. 



Working here means...


growth opportunity

Decora has been tripling its size annually, which means more opportunities for people who are with us to become a leader.


building a cool product

Decora is the largest individual producer of digital content in the world. Our images and content have already been seen by more than 50 million people.


being part of an amazing team

We keep the team cohesive, united and working synergistically. We achieve this bringing people with cultural alignment and drinking lots of beer.


living the Startup culture

At our company, survives who is dynamic, smart and flexible. We have a fast pace of improvement and progress. Every day counts.


having a voice in the future of the company

If the idea is good, it doesn't matter from who it came from. Suggestions can be implemented immediately and bring impact in the same day.