Scalable digital content

CGI made easy

We are crazy about digital content at Decora. It's flexibility awes us. The speed of delivery is beyond reach. The freedom from real-life bounds blows our minds. However, getting started and going may seem daunting the first time. 

Thats why we created the most optimized and consistent workflow of imagery production ever made. 


Decora Scene Builder

The Scene Builder is custom solution developed by Decora that allows us to create realistic images in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. We use to create inspiring scenes for the largest retailers on earth. It works in three major steps:



Our team of Interior Designers create the scene by easily creating walls, windows, doors and placing your products.



Once the layout is ready, they send it to be rendered. Our technology guarantees that the render will look amazing every time.



When the render is ready, our team of Graphic Designers give the image an artist's touch, improving lighting and overall details. 


Want to start creating scenes for your products?
Let's get in touch and we'll be glad to suit your needs!

Looks Display Solution

Now that you got your beautiful imagery done, you gotta show it to the world! Decora's technology team is here to make that easier. We can help you out by providing custom embedded shopping experiences. We can also work with any API you want or send all images automatically to your preferred cloud storage solution (Dropbox, Box, etc).

Make your imagery not only inspiring but interactive. 


  • Product Tags.
  • Automatic un-tag for unavailable products.
  • Seamless integrated solution.
  • API ready.
  • Automatic Uploads (Box, Dropbox).

Look around

Sometimes we gotta look at things in a different angle. Thats why all scenes are 360 ready. 360 images allow the consumer to look around the scene. The coolest part is that this supports product tags, so that the consumer is fully immersed in the shopping experience. 

This feature is VR ready!