decora platform

Frequently Asked Questions


What to do if the measurements on the platform are wrong?

When the measurements are not correct or are disproportionate considering the reference image, use the REPORT WRONG MEASURE button, your job will not be returned by deadline and the support team will adjust the measurements. If some measure does not appear, it means that it is not being validated, so it must follow the proportion according to the reference image. See the Details tab as some measure-specific information is available there.

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What do I do if I can not send my job for errors?

First check the POSSIBLE ERRORS page inside the platform, there we have the solution for most possible errors. If the render error message appears, you can use the reporting button to pause the job, so it will not be returned while we check the error and restart the round.


Am I allowed to share the products I have modeled?

No. Our clients have purchased the rights so the models cannot be shared or sold after they're developed. You can however, use them in your own personal portfolio.


After I've picked a job, am I allowed to give it up?

Our system keeps track of every job you've given up on. So if you give up on jobs it might hinder future opportunities of getting good jobs. You should plan your production according to the deadlines and take our quality standard requirements into account as well.


Am I allowed to use other softwares?

(Maya, Marvelous, Sketchup, RHINOCEROS, blender, etc.)

Unfortunately no. You must use 3ds Max 2016 or 2017 and V-ray 3.4 or higher, because our platform is setup for these specific softwares only.
The files must be delivered in .MAX format and configured in V-ray.
If you feel compelled to use a different software you may try, but know that you're doing it at the risk of not having it approved.

We strongly recommend that you  use 3DS Max in order to avoid errors and optimize your job approval.


Can I recommend my friends?

Of course you can! And you don't have to worry because we have a very large demand for jobs. Indeed, you won't face jobs shortages nor job competition. Send the link below to your friends and invite them to join the Decora Community. We'll evaluate their portfolio and  get in touch soon.


Can I post my work on my site / blog / facebook?

Yes, you're allowed to use the jobs in your personal portfolio. However, they are not allowed to be used in promotional materials or shared with third parties


What happens if I miss delivery deadline?

When the time is up and the deadline is not met, the system will automatically send the job back to the "Available Jobs" page. So it's important that you pay attention to the deadlines. We don't want you to lose your job.

IMPORTANT: Our system is automated and the Decora team has no control over the returned jobs. We cannot add extra time to your job, and once it's returned you'll no longer be able to take it again. So, if you have technical problems during your job's submission, please notify our support team as soon as possible.


How many jobs can I have at the same time?

You can develop up to 8 jobs at the same time. Keep an eye on the deadline, as the time continues to count from the moment you pick up the job.


What is QA Level 2?

The QA level 2 is a step to check if everything is correct in your model, once approved the payment is released.