decora platform

Possible Errors


Invalid range measures

Error: This error appears when the measurements of your model are wrong.
There are 3 possible solutions:


1. System units setup are wrong.
Go to Customize >> Units Setup >> System Units Setup and change to centimeters, as in the image.


2. The measures of the model.
If the previous settings are correct and the error keeps appearing is because the measures of your group are different from those in the system. Verify that the X, Y, and Z measurements are similar in the front view.


3. Rotation of the model.
Verify that the X, Y, and Z measurements are similar in front view, if they are, and click the ResetXForm error.



Invalid assets reference

Error: When the textures were not found by the software.

Solution: Click on 'Strip Path' on the texture files to ensure they are found by the system.



Invalid V-ray material

Error: When the final template is not using original vRay materials.


  • Do not use standard or Mental Ray materials.
  • Set all materials and maps with descriptive names.

Composition materials such as Multi / Sub Object will be accepted, but all base materials should be vRay.



Invalid quantity refs

Error: When cameras and/or lights are detected in the scene.

Solution: Let your file without any camera, light or unnecessary objects in the scene and resubmit it.

download (1).png


Rendering file .max (+ 4 hours)

If your is under "max file rendering" status for more than 4 hours, it should have a problem during upload.

Follow steps below to avoid this issue.


1 - Have you installed Dropbox on your computer?

Let's reinforce that Decora Tools script works together with Dropbox to submit your files. Make sure Dropbox must be installed on your computer.


2 - Have you changed Decora Tools files to another folder?

All files in  "decora" folder are important. Do not change these files to another folder.

If you want to delete some old files to free up  space on your Dropbox, delete only files from the ".jobs" folder that were sent more than 24 hours ago.


3 - The Dropbox account in the computer is the same as the registration in Decora?

Even though it was unlikely, we already had cases where the Dropbox installed on the computer was not the same registered for Decora account. Make sure you're logged in with the Dropbox account on your computer.


4 - Is your Dropbox openned?

Some users prefer not to start Dropbox application together with computer operating system. We recommend you to allow Dropbox to open automatically with your operating system in order to avoid gaps or problems while sending files to Decora..


5 - Is your Dropbox 'sync' mode on?

It's commom to find out Dropbox sync off or paused. Always check if your files are syncing after uploading it.If sync is on, the green check icon will appear at the bottom of the screen and also in  "decora" folder.

download (2).png

If you've chekced all steps above the file keeps as "rendering max file", contact the support asap.



Invalid group position

Error: When the pivot is wrongly positioned relative to the model group.

Solution: The pivot must be positioned at the base of the model and centered on the X and Y axes. The model must be positioned at the origin of the scene (Position 0,0,0).

To position the pivot correctly follow these steps:

  • On the Hierarchy tab, click Affect Pivot Only, and then Center to Object.
  • Position the group in position 0 on the X and Y axes, with Group base touching the horizontal line (X and Y axes).
  • And then, again with the Affect Pivot Only option selected, set the Pivot to 0 on the Z axis.


06. invalid group scale

Error: When scale values are different from 100.

Solution: Make sure the scale values are set as 100 (x = 100, y = 100, z = 100) and also that the Rotation values are all set vas 0 (x = 0, y = 0, z = 0 ). To avoid error in the group scale with the final model, simply select the group and add the option ResetXForm, as shown below.

download (3).png

download (4).png

Invalid quantity group

Error: When there is more than one group in the file.

Solution: Put all objects that compose the final model into a SINGLE group. The SINGLE group should be named as 'SKU' product. Group name = SKU


Dropbox storage limit

If your dropbox is full, go to the ".jobs" folder (Dropbox / applications / decora / assets / .jobs) and delete folders older than 24 hours. IMPORTANT: Do not delete files outside the ".jobs" folder or you will have problems during upload.



Forbidden - synchronizing dropbox

Forbidden Error is a cache error in the dropbox, so just switch browser.